While on a residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing I spent lots of time looking at old artifacts such as bronzes from the Shang Dynasty. Sketching these, I became especially interested in abstracting, visually deconstructing and re-presenting iconic images. From these sketches I created two brush and paint drawings on Plexiglas.

I then asked various members of the art community in Beijing to stand behind the painting and describe what they saw.

Please excuse the inaccuracy of the subtitles. I had a very cheap teleservice transcribe the video and translate it to English - I think they typically translated business documents. Making the resulting text grammatically correct and synched to the right lines was an exercise in cryptography, and doubtlessly I have reinserted my own interpretations. This is certainly part of the piece.

> The process of looking at old artifacts led to Self Archaeology. The interest in varying viewers' interpretations led to projects such as Perceival, while the line drawing with brush and paint lead to paintings such as Array Perceival.