From "exo" (outside) plus "logos" (knowledge).

I have been collecting, cataloging, and organizing an extensive collection of graphs, diagrams, simulations, data visualizations, and photographic observations from the sciences, with a focus on biology, physics, cosmology, and mathematics. These supersaturated, many-layered collages initially reference the history of science fiction and fantasy art, but a second glance reveals pixelated textures and digital artifacts that break up the pictorial space. I intend to question the systems of knowledge production that have both expanded and put limitations on how we perceive our universe.

These works are named after exoplanets.

Kepler-186f: saturnine lava lake geo-orb suspended in complex interstellar trajectory field

Kepler-62e: orderly plus signs meet red negatives / stringy structure of spacetime / tenuous green exosphere cutaway view

Kepler-296f: singularity peaks as void unfurls / revealing fiery chasm / refracted through shimmering digital veil

Kepler-438b: ground based arrays / weave straight-angled whirls / through distributed glowworm networks / neath off-gassing omnipotent hypersphere

These works are conceptually very similar to the "Model Earth" video created in 2012.