This series was created in collaboration with the artist Dina Danish for the exhibition Howwa We Ana - However We Wanna at PlaySPACE Gallery in San Francisco.

The exhibition was about the process of getting to know someone. It consisted of various projects, each of which was the result of a set of rules that we had created to structure our playful collaborations, which we termed "Chaliffs." These communication games resulted in products executed in various media; video, audio, text, and drawings. Alongside each of them was displayed a text, structured as a "chat," that explained the structure whereby it was created.

Chaliff Dance

Following is the "chat" displayed alongside Chaliff Dance.

Eff: I will film myself dancing a made-up dance. Then I will write down its choreography send you the directions. I will dress formally and it would only be right if you would, too. Oh - I don't send you the video - that would ruin it!

Dina: I am also going to choreograph a dance, film myself dancing my dance, and send you the written directions. Then I will film myself, wearing a formal dress, trying to follow your steps.

Eff: And I will film myself trying to dance your dance.

Eff: Wait - it's a little confusing. So, I dance my dance and you dance my dance?

Dina: We both dance our own dance, but only once at the beginning, then we dance the other person's dance by following each other's written dance instructions.

Eff: I don't think they will get totally coordinated. Or even semi-coordinated…

Dina: They might, though. What music should we use?

Chaliff Bedroom

Following is the "chat" displayed alongside the series of drawings Chaliff Bedroom.

Eff: Having never seen or heard details about your bedroom I will attempt to draw it. When I'm done I will scan the image and send it to you via email.

Dina: I will respond with a 100-character text message trying to correct your drawing.

Eff: I will use the text message as notes when I make a new drawing.

Eff: But wait, how will I draw your bedroom when I have never seen it?

Dina: At first, work from your imagination and your knowledge of typical bedrooms. To keep it consistent we will draw from a bird's eye view.

Eff: Yes. This can be repeated any number of times, resulting in an evolving series of drawings and text.

Dina: Or rather, two series, as I will be participating as well.

dina -> eff 1/5

dina -> eff 2/5

dina -> eff 3/5

dina -> eff 4/5

dina -> eff 5/5

eff -> dina 1/5

eff -> dina 2/5

eff -> dina 3/5

eff -> dina 4/5

eff -> dina 5/5

Chaliff Lifestory

This Chaliff was displayed as audio on headphones.

Chaliff Objectiff

There were several more Chaliffs, including Chaliff Objectiff.