C VIDEOS, 2012

I created two music videos in 2012. The first is World Killer from the album "Shroud" (2012) by my brother, Chester Endersby Gwazda.

Footage from the excellent "L'Inde Fantome" (1969) by Louis Malle (available through the Criterion Collection) and "The Big Bounce" (1960) by Jerry Fairbanks and Bell Labs (available on the Internet Archive).

The second video is Free Flight by Shawn O'Sullivan.

Cued by the ominous mood of this imperial fugue, I dismembered the infamous film "Experiments in the Revival of Organisms" (1940) and reanimated its analogue corpse with hyperprocessed digital sutures and relentless mechanical loops.

This video is a rumination on the ethics of acquiring knowledge through animal experimentation and the complicated relationship between mind and suffering. In Director D.I. Yashin's film, Dr. Sergei S. Bryukhonenko brings a canine to a state of clinical death, and then uses his "autojektor" - a primitive heart and lung machine - to raise him back to life. The clinical conditions only highlight the inhuman cruelty of this situation - the dog must suffer death and the man must become a killer. Yet such experiments led to the development of devices that are routinely used in surgery, saving countless lives, and which comprise the core functional units of man's developing cybernetic body. Such animal experiments form the foundation of the vast wealth of scientific knowledge that makes contemporary civilization possible and informs our understanding of our place in the universe.

These videos were produced concurrently with the project Model Earth and share a concern with humanity's effects on the planet and its inhabitants.