A conceptual music video for the group BLONDES; my attempt to animate a direct visual representation of the music.

"Assembled entirely from animated gifs - scientific diagrams, mathematical figures, representations of data, and renderings of simulated systems, this video appropriates images meant to serve as a rational demonstration of logical concepts and transmogrifies them into a cosmic trip.

In the same way that BLONDES use analogue instruments to humanize electronica and create psychedelic soundscapes, this video explores irrational paths to knowledge and investigates how information is processed into meaningful experience."

(I would like to create more animated videos along the same lines, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested...).

Here are some stills from the video; they contain some of the detail that can only be made out in the uncompressed original...

This video is a natural extension of the style I used in the music video Teeth of a Lion by Nuclear Power Pants. I am pleased with the result because I was able to use video to create images in a way that is closely related to how I draw. I continue to work with images appropriated from the sciences in works such as Model Earth.