This project, which is ongoing, consists of three elements, one of which is yet unfinished. The first is a series of small paintings on charms. The second is an installation which involves a interactive drawing game involving these charms. The third, unfinished element is a forum for viewers to create and compare their interpretations of the images from these charms.

The installation of this project at the Berkeley Art Museum can be seen below.

Viewers were prompted to enter the domelike structure, where they were able to look at the many charms which hung on the ceiling.

A sign at the back of the interior space prompted them to chose a favorite image, commit it to memory, and proceed to the desks on the wall. There they were given a sheet of paper and a pencil and asked to draw their favorite charm from memory and hang it on the adjacent wall.

The charms are gouache and acrylic on 2 inch oak rounds.

The drawings below are all representations of memories of the charm above.

Here is another example.

This series of transmogrified copies preserve some sort of essential form of the original. This clearly relates to the copying of images in the project Relay, but the differences here are filtered through the net of memory, not communication, and there are some essential differences in how the changes are made; they tend to be less formal and process-based and more overtly symbolic.

> I am currently working on a further developments to this project that involve an exploration of interpretive difference in the same vein as Perceival.