RECORD - 2008

Room Record is an experiment into using deconstructive language games to generate an oracular corpus.

A text was created from the point of view of the first man to have his consciousness uploaded into an electronic substrate in the manner described by singularian futurologists. Unfortunately it was a botched job due to the inherent difficulty of this translational task. In order to remedy this mistranslation while simultaneously compensating for my own lack of prognosticative powers I ran this original text back and forth through machine translation software in five languages until its sense was fully absorbed by parsing errors, and then used a series of rules, my judgement, and nonlinear editing software to reconstruct the prophesy

The resulting text was dictated, vocoded via the notes of the traditional Japanese pentatonic scale, and attached to a self-portrait as an unwhole man viewed through the supersaturated, sped-down, mirrored, and color-keyed rays of the sun reflecting off a puddle.

The idea to reconstruct shuffled audio clips may have come from Chaliff Lifestory.

> The psychedelic look of this video has been amplified in Teeth of a Lion. The process of editing massive amounts of text influenced videos such as Mortal Treasures.